Chauvet Abyss LED 3.0
Rippling Water/Colour Effect
Lens: 30degrees
Lamp: 15W LED

For effect lighing in the right place this can be really effective.

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Dichroics, IR , UV and special FX filters. These can be found on the website by clicking "gobos and filters" above'. We stock 50mm filters for downlights and have standard sizes for 500W QI and also supply custom sizes and colours

Our aim is to find you the best projector for your situation.
Some examples of projectors in use below and a list of units for sale.

phos20Phos20 20W LED with full colour gobo


LFS5 LFS-5 23W LED, Kings Cross Sydney

LFS5Chauvet LFS-5 Kings Cross Sydney


Osram Kreios G1



OSR AMKreios G1 (available in black or white)
Pure class, static clear projection with 24W of LED power.

Lens: Fixed 16deg lens (24deg optional extra)
Approx size: 1.5Kg & 250mm long, 75mm wide.
Lightsource: 24W LED
Brightness: 450-650 lux measured with a 1.4M diameter image.
Gobo: 37.5mm with 28mm image.
Focus: Very Very good, 24deg lens is superb.

This is a stylish looking LED gobo projector. The optics allows you to use the full E size image area without the normal rubbish focus and distorted image that we often see. The LED is rated at 30,000hrs and the colour temperature looks to be about 6000k. We measure the lux at a standard 1.4M image area and accross the field to show a comparison between fixtures so our lux measurement is meaningful comparing between units we have tested but don't compare with Lumen or Candela output spruiked by manufactures which is a measure of light output per square metre and may not all be useful light..... Suffice to say this is a bright unit and will happily work in an office or shop environment. The standard lens is 16degrees but there is an awesome 24degree lens which is available as an optional extra. This is a totally quiet LED unit with great focus and with its tiny size its perfect in restaurants museums and office reception areas.

For a perfect projection team it up with a quality glass gob, for a short term projection you can DIY "print your own" gobos, just do not expect the same quality as our glass gobos. Hence we supply it with a B&W glass gobo for the above package price.

For more info click here for the American Sylvania flyer, its a more informative document than the Australian version.

We will supply this unit as a package with your custom Black and White glass gobo, please call for current pricing.


LFS-5 23W LED Static Projector
Framing shutters with a 16-24degree zoom.

Lens: 16-24 deg Zoom.
Approx size: 1.5Kg & 290mm long, 140mm wide (without knobs)
Lightsource: 23W Cool White LED
Brightness: 470-660 lux measured with a 1.4M diameter image.
Focus: Superb at 16deg, Good at 25deg.
Gobo: 25.4mm, 19mm image.

This unit has a very blue white light and is fitted with a very quiet cooling fan. It has a nice even field of light perfect for projection. We set the image to 1.4M diameter at the smaller beam angle and measured from 470 to 660 lumens across the image area.

With the zoom set to the smaller beam angle the focus is very good, as you enlarge the beam towards 24 degrees it gets harder to get a good focus but its not bad overall.
The gobo size is 25.4mm with a 19mm image area so although you can print a gobo on a transparency you really need a proper gobo made to make this unit useful and look good as it will show up any imperfections in your print.

Recent price rise so please email for best deal on existing stock.

Philips Selecon Accent Beamshaper

Philips Selecon, static projection with punch.
Accent Beamshaper (includes the Beamspot head unit)
35W CDM (discharge lamp) 15000hrs/8500cd
50W CDM (Discharge lamp) 12000hrs/11500cd

Lens: Approx 24-50deg. Zoom Profile.
Approx size: 2Kg & 320mm long
Lightsource: 50W CDM. Warm white 12000hrs.
Brightness: 450-1080 lux measured with a 1.4M diameter image** Focus: Traditional profile, soft warm focus.
Gobo: 37.5mm, 28mm image.
**(Brightness was tested with the 50W CDM lamp)

Yet another couple of classy units from Selecon in New Zealand. Less obtrusive than the larger Display Profile and cheaper to boot.
CDM lamps are bright efficient and cheap to replace. The colour temperature of these lamps is a warm white and the image field is flat and even.

Selecon can be a bit confusing in their fixture options as is the case here where the head unit is sold seperately named as a Beamspot with the Beamshaper being an optional accessory. Just be wary of this as you compare pricing. If you don't want to project gobos and simply want the Beamspot head unit then give us a call for appropriate pricing.
We price the unit as complete with the head and the beamshaper attachment ready to project gobos. The picture shows a track mount option but you may choose the ceiling rose option if you don't have a track.

We measure brighness of a standard 1.4M diameter image and it varied from 1080 lumens at the centre to 450 lumens on the edges for the 50W unit.
If you click on the button below you will get the pdf document from the manufacturer.
Beamshaper pdf

Package deal with your custom B&W glass gobo included; Email us for pricing

S4 jnr

ETC Source Four jnr (Fixed Lens)

Lens: 26deg, 36deg, 50deg
Lightsource: 575W HPL (up to 1500hrs on long life version)
Gobo: M size

Click on the pdf button to see a specification sheet. Beamshaper pdf

Package deal on request

S4 jnr Zoom

ETC Source Four jr 25-50Deg Zoom.

Lens: 25-50 deg Zoom.
Approx size:
Lightsource: 575W HPL (up to 1500hrs on long life version)
Gobo: M size

Click on the pdf button to see a specification sheet. Beamshaper pdf

Package deal on request

Rotating Gobo Image Projectors

80W LED80W Grand Lighting LED

80W LED 80W Grand Lighting LED

80W Grand Lighting LED

80W LED vs ETC S4
Test projection, 80W Grand Lighting LED (left) vs ETC Source4 750W profile (right)

Gobo Zoom 2.0
15W LED. Budget rotating gobo projector with zoom.

Lens: Zoom 18-25 deg (see note)
Approx size: 2Kg. 230mm x 150mm body
Lightsource: 15W Cool White LED
Brightness: 230-440 lux measured with a 1.4M diameter image.
Focus: Ok at smaller beam angles not great at larger size.
Gobo: 28,6mm, 20-24mm image area (see note).A rotating gobo projector on a budget, although you have to take some of the official specs with a pinch of salt.

Great as a disco light as its very bright for its 15W LED and cuts through the smoke well, the image area is considerably brighter in the centre making it appear brighter than it is. Trying to focus throughout the zoom range is very tough as you enlarge the image so if you're projecting a gobo we suggest you tighten up the beam angle and don't use the specified image area.

The specified gobo size is 28.6mm with a 26mm image area but the circlip protrudes in to about 21mm. If the circlip is not in the way we suggest no larger than 24mm image area maximum otherwise keep to around 20mm.

Its a neat package for what you get though and you can control it via DMX as well. We measured the brighness at 1.4M diameter at a reduced image area and it varied from 230-440 lumens.

The 2kg unit is 230mm long with a width of 150mm (not including the yoke knobs).

Call for current pricing

Goboshot IRC50W

Chauvet Goboshot 50W LED
Gobo Display Projector with Rotator

26degree fixed lens.

A great little unit with simple gobo changing, nice and bright and can be controlled via the cable remote or via DMX. A great value projector.

Call for pricing on current stock.

Grand Lighting GL1410 100W LED
Gobo Display Projector with Rotator

This model is now OBSOLETE with a new range of great value models now coming into stock. Many of the new models are IP rated outdoor units and great value with fantastiv optics.

Martin Mac350 Entour. LED powered moving light.

Programmed movements can be stored in
the unit and used in standalone mode.
Refer to Spec Sheet for full specifications
Lightsource: 7 x 50W LED (350W)
Gobo: 27.8mm, 23mm image

This quality unit has the same advantage as the older Smart Mac that you can program the movement and store it in the light itself doing away with the need for an external control unit.
Using 7 x 50W LED's this unit is very bright and has 6x slots for your own custom gobos. We include one custom gobo at this price but it comes stocked with standard gobos as well..

Call for current pricing
Click here for Martin's pdf brochure.

Weather Protected Gobo Projectors

ETC Source Four XT
150W HID Zoom Hight Quality IP66 Profile

Lens: 15-30 Degrees Variable Zoom
Approx size: 784mm long x 261mm wide, 16.3Kg
Lightsource: 150W 12000hr Discharge lamp.
Gobo: B size
IP-66 Protection Rating

This is a well made bullet proof unit but we do feel that you get better value out of the new range of LED projectors.

Call for current pricing

Grand Lighting

Grand Lighting LED Projectors
40W, 80W, 100W, 150W, 200W & 300W

We're currently about to unveil a wider range of Grand Lighting IP65 rated LED projectors in late 2015.

These units are RCM marked and tested to conform with Australian electrical safety standards.

Already pre the official launch we have a number of units in use around Australia with fantastic feedback. These units are ideal for permanent projections with really nice optics.

Call for current pricing and latest information.


Lux is the measure of brighness at a specific point. That's what we use to compare outputs.

Lumens and Candela are an indication of the total energy output from your lamp over the entire lit up area. ie Lux multiplied by the area.

All the light emitted by a fixture is not useful light in a projection so we measure the Lux in the centre AND the edge of a properly projected and focused image when the image is at 1.4M in diameter. This gives you a fair projection comparison between units that we have tested. Don't confuse this with many lighting specifications that may be missleading by showing a peak brightness in a tight beam and compare this to the same brightness reading taken from a much more powerful light that is projecting a much larger image.