Dichroic filters
We supply 50mm Dichroics for architectural downlights or you may get your filters custom cut up to 700mm in diameter - please look at the dichroics page for your colour choices including IR and UV filters.


500W QI filters
We keep a limited stock of standard colours for fitting into a 500W QI and doing garden lighting. The size is 117mm x 160mm and the selected colours are:
389 Bright Green
879 Primary Blue
819 Bright Red
921 Amber
339 Magenta


Effect filters
We can supply textured glass like the High End Art Glass Custom cut to your required size.


Kaleidescope filters
Made by us in various colours and copied around the world it is a shattered dichroic effect glass as used at the Rugby World Cup opening in 2003.

Image manipulation systems such as the High End Catalyst, Radlite and Martin Eureka are currently taking the world by storm. Gobotech now present the new Beacon Digigobo collections to support these systems. Each collection contains 10 to up to 20 stunning video clips ready for use.

Blackline gobos

The new Blackline B&W glass gobos are created with one black face to reduce any reflections or halation in your images. The Gobo comes fitted with a protective metal holder for added durability and customer presentation. As always it is produced using our high resolution process able to produce an almost photographic quality gobo.

Spot colour gobos

The spot colour process allows you to select from our range of dichroic colours to make your spot colour glass gobo. All images are not suitable for this process.

Full colour gobos

We produce the Beacon full colour gobo using their patented thin film technology. This gives us a stunning palette of colours to create complex company logos or photographic images. Please give us a call to discuss your image requirements.

Stainless Steel

We manufacture custom steel gobos for your requirements as well as having a huge catalogue range of stock images in both glass and steel from the Gobo Factory, Lighting By Design and Beacon collections. If you can't find your required image please give us a call and chances are that we will have it anyway!