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The Beacon Digigobo ™ collections sold in Australia by Gobotech, contain a range of animated images that may be used as gobos or backgrounds to other animations mixed in systems such as the Catalyst (HighEnd), RADlite, Eureka (Martin) or any Quick Time ® based software, in a DMX controlled environment or played from a computer to a video projection system.

Each series in the first four compilations contain 20 loops saved in four different codecs:
Photo-JPEG, 720x576 million colours, highest quality as original file
Motion A JPEG, 720x576 (Catalyst)
AVI 720x576 (RADlite)
MPEG1 320x240 (Eureka)

Series 3 and 4 are also stand alone DVD Discs with clips looped for use in standard DVD players (PAL).

The later series, from 5-20, each contain 10 clips and are all able to be played on a standard DVD plyer, these contain MPEG-2 files as well.

The series are totally royalty free and are not a single user licenced product. This makes it perfect for hire companies to use in rental systems, single machines or networked systems without the need to purchase a new user licence for each computer common with other content providers.
The series work both on Mac and PC.

To download a PDF preview showing the images in each of the first four series please select a link below or go to the website to view quicktime movies of the clip.