Gobotech are able to supply you with custom cut dichroics made on Borofloat glass. These filters are cut to suit the individual customer requirement and can be made as large as 700mm. Note that dichroic filters show one colour when light passes through at 90degres and another colour if the light passes through at an angle. This can be used to great effect as an architectural feature but may not be ideal if you decided to use a 500w flood as a stage wash.

Standard Colours

For an approximation of available colours in the standard colour range you may browse the list below which for simplicity quotes similar colours in the Lee and Rosco gel filter range when possible. Note that dichroic colours are often more intense than gel colours and the table below should serve only as a guide. Other colours and types of filters may also be sourced upon request. We can also supply both IR and UV filters.

Standard sizes
Other sizes may also be supplied upon request but the below list shows colours that we usually keep on the shelf in round 50mm filters as well as a selection in 117x160mm suitable for 500W floodlights.

Gobotech Dichroic Filter Code

Please quote this number when ordering

Standard Colour

The colour representation on your screen is not very close to the actual colours. Please refer to swatch.


Note...Similar only!

#389 Bright Green
Rosco 389
#001 UV Blue
Lee 181
#879 Primary Blue
Lee132, Rosco79
#364 Pastel Blue
#467 Light Blue
Lee165, Rosco67
#370 Aqua
#819 Bright Red
Lee106, Rosco26
#921 Amber
Lee158, Rosco21
#312 Rich Yellow
Lee101, Rosco312
#200 Light Yellow
Lee100, Rosco10
#339 Magenta
#336 Pink
#337 Lavender
Lee170, Rosco52
#417 Apricot
IR Filter and custom coatings, on request